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Sunrise Tour: 2.5 hrs. Tour. Starts approx. 5 a.m. (time subject to seasonal change). The Sunrise Tour includes "Navajo Loop" and "Off the Beaten Track" tours. Have you ever perceived a miracle? Witnessing the sunrise slowly over the magnificent horizons of Monument Valley is a revelation .The enchanting sunrays delicately touch the sandstone silhouettes, slowly revealing more and more of their texture, slowly bringing them to life. Until the early sun's gentle radiance reveals the colorful, undisturbed monoliths in all their glory. For prices : see below.

On this tour your guide takes you on a very special route. You will go to specific locations in Monument Valley, from where we will share with you those very beautiful scenic views of the monuments, mesas, spires and buttes that only the time of Sunrise can reveal... Be sure to take your camera!
Enjoying this spectacle in the early, silent moments of Sunrise will captivate you. Even if you're not always an "early riser", you will find this peaceful, tranquil atmosphere to be soothing, breathtaking, and energizing. What better way to start a new day!
Prices - sunrise tour (two people or more)
Open-Air (private) Tour US $200 per person (includes tax)
Children 6-12 yrs. old:

Children < 6 yrs. old:

US $100 per person (includes tax)


Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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1.5 hours tour2.5 hours toursunrise toursunset tourmystery valley tour


We ask kindly to call us in advance to make your reservation with us. Vehicles and seats are limited folks.
We are working with and licensed by the Navajo Recreational Department of the Navajo Nation and the Monument Valley Tribal Park, and we are a member of the
Monument Valley Navajo Guide Association. PLEASE note: All tour descriptions and prices ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.
Due to the popularity of our tours we kindly suggest making a reservation in advance so that we will best be able to accommodate you. We are unable to accept same day reservations.

We NOW accept all major credit cards.

We will be booking reservations and accepting credit cards over a secure Internet line soon.
For now, we kindly request to please call in, or e-mail us with your bookings. Thank you.

For information and/or reservations:

Write us at:
Monument Valley Simpson's
Trailhandler Tours
P.O. Box 360-377
Monument Valley, UT
84536 (USA).

Call toll-free at:
Toll-Free: 1 (888) 723-6236
Reservations: 1 (435)727-3362
FAX: 1 (435) 608-4424

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