Photographer Tours: Tailor-made or customized tours.

"Nowhere in the world can find one a similar effect of nature's work. Words alone - the thousand-foot pyramid and castles, the slender tower, bridges and arches - cannot begin to describe the sandstone formations that dominate Monument Valley."

Josef Muench.

Many famous and not-yet-so-famous professional, senior amateur and amateur photographers from all over the world have called upon our experience and knowledge of both Monument Valley and Mystery Valley to shoot the pictures of their artistic dreams. We gladly take you on a private tailor-made tour we'll especially design in accordance with your wishes and ideas.

Please contact us in advance, so that we can start making the plans for your ultimate photographic experience!

Ever since the first professional photographer, Josef Muench, entered the area, Monument Valley has been a truly one-of-a-kind photographer's paradise. Josef came to Monument Valley in 1936 to take his first photographs. When Harry and Mike Goulding, one of the first "pioneers" to live in Monument Valley, needed materials to promote the then undiscovered area in Hollywood, they turned to their friend Josef Muench. Josef made a special album of black and white photographs. That album really sent the right message home! Later, in 1937, Josef made his very first Kodachrome color photograph in Monument Valley.

Now you can enjoy and explore this photographer's paradise for yourself. Our Navajo guides are born and raised in Monument Valley... and who else is better qualified and knows the best places and camera angels that someone who lived there all his life?

Here follows a small selection of what you can expect. So... enjoy...
awesome beauty... silence... camera... action!


Three Sisters Mittens Sunrise Totempole and Rock Artist Point View

Totempole - Candlelight Thunder Mittens Totempole Sunrise Teardrop Arch

John Ford's Point Navajo Rug Weaver Sun Bright Cloud Mittens

Beautiful Arch Top of the World Rainbow Mittens

Totem Pole and Yei Bi Chei Hunt's Mesa

Prices per hour - photography tour
1 person
2 persons or more
US $ 103.00 per person (includes tax)
US $ 68.00 per person (includes tax)
Commercial photographers require a permit from the Office of Broadcast Services, P.O. Box 2310, Window Rock, AZ 86515, phone: (520)871-6655 / 6656, fax: (520)871-7355.

Photography of Navajos and visit to traditional Navajo Hogan (optional), requires an applicable waiver and consent form.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.

We ask kindly to call us in advance to make your reservation wit us. Vehicles and seats are limited folks.
We are working with and licensed by the Navajo Recreational Department of the Navajo Nation and the Monument Valley Tribal Park, and we are a member of the
Monument Valley Navajo Guide Association. PLEASE note: All tour descriptions and prices ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.
Due to the popularity of our tours we kindly suggest making a reservation in advance so that we will best be able to accommodate you. We are unable to accept same day reservations.

We NOW accept all major credit cards.

We will be booking reservations and accepting credit cards over a secure Internet line soon.
For now, we kindly request to please call in, or e-mail us with your bookings. Thank you.

For information and/or reservations:

Write us at:
Monument Valley Simpson's
Trailhandler Tours
P.O. Box 360-377
Monument Valley, UT
84536 (USA).

Call toll-free at:
Toll-Free: 1 (888) 723-6236
Reservations: 1 (435)727-3362
FAX: 1 (435) 608-4424

For same-day bookings and other information:
e-mail us at


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