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Please read our Guestbook and feel free to add your own comments and stories. You can send them by e-mail to: info@trailhandlertours.com .

Enjoy this excerpt of the many e-mails we've already received (published with permission from the writers)!


  Just a note to express our total satisfaction with your tour, and tourguide. He was informative, proud, and accurate about much of the Monument Valley and Mystery [Valley]. He was patient with us and allowed the most memorable tour of the week in Navajo Country. Many thanks, and we'll certainly recommend you to our friends. Sincerely,

Charles, Debra, and Barbara Barnes, El Cerrito, CA

We really enjoyed our tour last Sunday. Your valley is overwhelming in its beauty. Our tourguide was great. We certainly would love to return and spend more time there. Thanks again,

Marjorie and Bill Goettle, Wallingford, PA

I just wanted to thank you for the great tour that you gave us while we were in Monument Valley on vacation in early July. My 14-year old (who didn't want to go on a vacation "to look at a bunch of rocks") now says that our Jeep tour was the best part of the trip. And my 8-year old (Joey) has told all of his little friends about his friend, "Richard the Indian", who asked him to stay behind with him to be his sheepherder.
Our guide spent a lot of time with us and gave us a tour that none of us will ever forget. My sister has been on a couple of different tours in Monument Valley and when I showed her our video with everything our guide showed us, she said that neither of hers compared to the time we spent in the valley.
If I can ever help you by being a reference to anyone considering booking a tour with you, please feel free to give them my e-mail address. Thank you!!

The Hazlett Family - Mark, Cyndi, Brad & Joey (aka "The Indian Sheepherder")

Dear Simpson's Tours,
Thank you very much for a super jeep tour.  I will never forget this wonderful day for the rest of my life.  I really enjoyed this tour, because your guide was interesting and full of wisdom as well as a good sense of humor.  Since I got to Flagstaff, I've been enjoying seeing digital pictures.  I am attaching two digital pictures. Again, I am grateful to you for your kindeness. I hope you will have a good Millennium, Year of 2000.

ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA (Thank you very much in Japanese)

Hajime Nomoto From Flagstaff, Arizona

Dear Simpson's Trailhandler Tours,
We're back home from our vacation after touring Dallas, El Paso, Tombstone, Tuscon, Organ Pipe, Nogales Mx, Scottsdale, Tuba City, Monument Valley, Farmington, Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, Lawton & Duncan, OK. And Monument Valley / Mystery Valley was the best part of it thanks to your tour!
Our tourguide gave us the experience of a lifetime and was so knowledgable and helpful to us. I will e-mail you pictures as soon as I get them developed! You live in a true oasis of beauty! Thank you! Walk in beauty...I know you do!

Debbie and Archie Embler

Dear Trailhandler Tours,
This e-mail is to thank you for the excellent afternoon tour you arranged for us of the wonderful Monument Valley earlier this month. Our guide was outstanding. We will be very pleased to recommend you to others.
Indeed, later in our holidaywe did so wilst hiking Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park. We hope that the two ladies contacted you as they promised they would.
We wish you every success in your business, and look forward to touring Mystery Valley with you in a few years time. Yours sincerely,

Trevor and Maria Wood, West Yorkshire, England

We just wanted to send a quick thank you to Richard for the wonderful time we had today on our tour. We'll be sure to tell all our friends what a great time we had! Thanks again!

Joe and Julie Kress

Ya at eeh !
Well, here I am back home and back to work tomorrow. I'm just dropping you this email to thank you very much for your friendship and patience - especially on the last day during my wonderful week in Monument Valley. I left the Valley with 'tears in my heart' - only a very short stay but I love the place as if it was my own and it was very difficult leaving. I went into the Guestbook site and I see that it's pretty well much the same feeling for most people who visit Monument Valley. I've never been anywhere else where I get the same feeling.
I bought a book on Conversational Navajo along with a tape and hopefully when I return, I will be able to speak to you in some form of Navajo. I also bought a book on 'Navajo Stories of the Long Walk Period' which I'm half way through reading - very good book but also very sad.
I have a little bit of Monument Valley with me - when I shook out my shoes from the last day we went out in the Sand Storm, I have a small handfull of red sand which is now one of my prize possessions and will sit on my desk at work to remind me of my visit.
Richard, my many thanks to you for your patience, humour and your wonderful storytelling. I have many photos for memories but I loved listening to everything you had to tell and your storytelling was the highlight of my visit- especially out on the hike. On my next visit, I will climb up to Hunt's Mesa.
Once again, many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. I will send the postcards I promised. Hagoonee.

Sharyn Morrison, Australia

This is a great site.  It is very informative & will definitely help us to determine our vacation plans.  Thank you for the effort to make Monument Valley such a beautiful destination.

Toni Ramirez

To Monument Valley Simpsons' Trailhandler Tours,
I just wanted to email you guys and tell you what a wonderful time we had on our tour with you on Tuesday, October 19th!
Our guide did a wonderful job of explaining about life in the valley; growing up as a child.  The tour of the Hogan, and watching the process used for turning wool to yarn was especially interesting.  His singing of a Navajo song just added to an experience that words cannot seem to describe.  The beauty of the area, the history, the movie history, and the Navajo culture, all in one package is something to be experienced.
I have been sharing our experience with my friendshere, and my email buddies as well.
Guys, thank you for a wonderful time.  I hope that someday soon  I can come back, and bring the rest of my family, so they too can experience what I did.

PS. My sister, Susan, was just overwhelmed by it all, and wants to come back too.  I think the words above summarize her thoughts as well. Sincerely,

Anthony & Susan Garbiso.

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour. We had a great time and Wes gave us a great presentation of the valley. Wes is an outsanding representitiveI of his people. We will be back. Thank you.

Dan and Sara Plemmons

Just a short note to say how much our party of four enjoyed our morning tour of Monument Valley on Sunday 21st November.  In particular I would like to thank our guide for his enthusiasm and for making us feel so much 'at home' in the beautiful scenery. Thank you again,

Dr R C Wilson, Nottinghamshire, England.

Dear Simpson's Tours,
Carolyn, Allison and I just wanted to thank you for the jeep tour we had with you last week. We had a wonderful time! Your land is absolutely beautiful...and the information you provided to us was very interesting. Visiting Suzie's hogan was also a treat! Thanks again for time...we'll
definitely recommend your company to our friends! Regards,

Lisa Allison Carolyn, USA


Thanks for the excellent tour in the Wonderful Valley! I probably wouldn't have been so impressed by the scenery if the guide wasn't so full of wisdom and so playful. He told us everything we wanted to know- and more! Thanks, Richard! I wish you much happiness in that special valley,

Michael (and family), Belgium

We have just returned to the UK after a wonderful holiday in the USA.
One of the most spectacular highlights was our visit to Monument Valley where "King RIchard" took us on a brilliant trip in his jeep and showed us some wonderful sights. He had so much to tell us and made sure we had the opportunity to take all the photos we wanted including the hogan. Thank you so much for making our tour so memorable. We will certainly recommend you to any friends who visit Monument Valley. Can't wait to get the photos.!

Maggie and Andy Brownlie, UK

Your guest's comments on your webpage were the key to us choosing your tour, and they were right on the money. Our tour of Monument Valley on 9/22/00 was extremely enjoyable. Not only was he informative with a great sense of humor, but the Navajo serenade he gave us was really unexpected! He took his time showing us the beauty the Valley had to offer, and we would recommend Simpson's Tours to anyone. Thanks so much for a memorable experience.

Robert & Cheri'e Keckhut, Mesa, Arizona

We would like to thank our guide Wes Howard for a wonderful experience. He was very knowledgeable and informative about his people and the area. He was also very helpful in locating the prime areas for photography and took the time to allow us the opportunity to take in the beautiful Navajo country. Best of all was the opportunity to listen to his singing.

Bob & Susanne Boyce Wilmington, MA.

Dear Trailhandlers!,

Jim and I really enjoyed our sunset jeep tour of Monument Valley on Thursday, June 8. The valley is so magnificent and beautiful. We especially want to thank our guide Nate, Nathaniel. Nate was well informed as to all of the history, past and present, of what Jim and I where witnessing. He made the history of the area and the people who lived there come alive for us. Nate shared beliefs, stories, and legends. Jim and I now feel we have a real appreciation of the Navajo Indian Tribe. Thanks again. We will gladly recommend this tour to all of our friends. Of course they might also want Nate as part of the package.

Jim and Kathleen Matthews, Berwyn, PA

Trailhandler Tours,
I did not thank you for the excellent 3 days that we spent with you in May. My photos were beautiful and only because of your choice of time and sites. I really did appreciate your time and effort on my behalf.

Rose Marie DeWitt, Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Simpson's Trailhandler Tours!

We spent the day with you at the end of April, and the day has turned out to be one of the most memorable events of our 3 weeks holiday to USA and Canada. William and I still talk about the climbing, walking, riding in the jeep and looking at monuments. I find myself looking at objects and coming up with imaginative names - just like you taught us as you talked about the different names for the monuments in the valley.
Whenever I mention Monument Valley to my mother, (remember her!!) she just burst out in to her quiet laugh; did she really spend all day in a jeep ??! :) :)
I hope you like the pics (taken from my video camera). Thanks again for the fantastic day, with a great guide. I'll leave with a few words from William:

To the Simpson's:

How are you doing, you probably do not remember me. I really enjoyed our tour we had at Monument Valley. I am back in England now but I wished I was in the States. I liked to climb up the rocks it was fun, and more exciting. Those 2 or thee days was the best yet.

Anyway I am going to go so, Bye From




Dear Trailhandler Tours,

We've been back in the UK for a while now and Monument valley seems a long way away. We do however have our photographs to remind us of what an astonishingly beautiful and spiritual place it is and they have been the subject of much praise. (All Richard's skill - not ours.) You run a terrific operation; the tour was informative, exhilarating and deeply personal topped off with a wonderful night in the Hogan. We are also very grateful for your generosity and absolute commitment to ensuring that visitors get the maximum enjoyment from their brief visit to your beautiful homeland. We will not hesitate recommending you to anyone planning a trip to the Navajo nation. With best wishes

Rory and Nikki Morrison, Hertfordshire, UK

Dear Sir,
My girl friend and I we would like to thank u for the wonderful jeep tour we have made with you on the 4th August 00. We realy enjoyed all the stories that have been told during the tour and mainly the beautyful song sung by our tour guide at the Eagle Eye rock. Thank you for this experience.

Catherine & Bernard from BELGIUM

Hello Simpson's Trailhandler tours

We Visited your country last 02 & 03 July 2000 and enjoyed it very much. Especialy the visit of the 3th was perfect as we were acompanied by one of your Indian tourgides. He added so much extra to the visit,we enjoyed it. We are very enthusiastic about the way he explained a lot to us about nature in the Valley and the past (and future?) of the Indian culture in the valley. We can advise everyone to travel in the valley with Simpson-Tours, becouse they really do know what the tourists want to see and want to know. Tanks again for this Wonderful Visit to your Wonderful Valley with your great hospitality. As we made travelreports from our total holiday this is of course included, complete with a picture of our guide. You can visit our website as follows :
1. go to
2. Click on the dutch flag
3. select "reisverslagen"
4. select "27 juni t/m 3 juli"
5. see our report of 3 juli.

Note: I know the travelreports are only in the dutch language.Thanks again,

Theo Mosman, The Netherlands (holland)

Dear Simpson's Trailhandler Tours,
We are back from a 17 days trip in the Western part of the US. We enjoyed a 4 hours guided tour in monument valley with our tour guide OSCAR. We'd like to thank him for that: we appreciated very much his driving, his knowledge of the Valley, his explanations about the NAVAJO culture, his singing in the big cavern. I've recommended your organisation and OSCAR to some of my friends who will have a trip in the US in the next future.

Philippe Ciocci, Italy

We would like to thank you very much for taking us "to the top of the world". Although it was the second time we visited the valley, I can say it was wonderful again. We enjoyed your company. Kindly pass our sincere thanks to Harold and Debora for the delightful food.Until we meet again

Monika and Thomas Siems, Hamburg / Germany

Dear Harold/Deborah Simpson:
This is to acknowledge the outstanding service provided by Nathaniel on our Sunset Jeep Tour on June 4th. His expertise and personality were just what we needed to make this a most memorable part of our stay in the Valley. Looks like you have a winner in him!

Nathaniel was terrific in answering my questions about his people and how they made their way to Monument Valley. Your history is fascinating and you should make sure us unaware visitors get the picture on as much of it as possible. The rocks are awesome, but it's the people that are the real story. Thanks to you guys and Nathaniel again for being our guide.

Dom D'Amico, USA

Thank for the great experience...Wes is a memorable person and very good guide ! He even sang for us. Unforgettable moment in a wonderful place. Groeten aan Deborah vanuit Belgie (Greetings to Deborah, from Belgium).

Elfride en Marc, Belgium

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed our tour. We had a very good time. We have nothing like Monument Valley here in Michigan, so it was really something to see. I can't imagine growing up herding sheep the way Richard was telling me he did. Very interesting - educational. I wish you good luck in your business. Thanks again!

Mari and Richard from Michigan

Hello Simpson's Tours - Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour you arranged for me on May 5, 2000. I had a wonderful time. The beauty of Monument Valley and the interesting history of the area and the culture of the Navajo people as explained by the tour guide was most enjoyed and very much appreciated for years to come. All the best...

Jackie Renn, Seattle, Washington

My englisch is to small to tell you what I felt when I visited your great country. In Austria we say: "GEWALTIG"! Best wishes to our tour-guide OSCAR. We visited your country on may 23th 2000.

Toni and Herta, Austria - Europe

Hi, Simpson's Tours,

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our guided tour of the Valley. Our guide was Wesley Howard. He was excellent. We will certainly recommend your tours to others. We purchased the books Wes recommended! I have started Sacred Land Sacred View already - excellent. That evening we had a fun time looking over the Tony Hillerman map - Thanks for the idea. Thanks again,

Rea Dias, USA

Dear Simpsons -
My husband and I and another couple recently had a 2and a half hour jeep tour led by Wes and Richard. It was a thoroughly memorable tour and our two guides were quite informative and enjoyable to be with. Your valley home is so magnificent and awsome. How fortunate you are to be able to live there.
In the not too distant future, we are planning to make arrangements with you to take a longer tour and to stay overnight in a hogan. This will probably take place in the next year or so.
Meanwhile, thank you again for a wonderful tour and we will definitely recommend you to all of our family and friends. Our best to Simpson's and their staff. Sincerely,

Penny and Paul Hileman,Capistrano Beach,CA

Dear Simpson's,
Donn and I got back to Walnut Creek on Sunday after driving thru rain most of the day. Although it was raining, nothing could dampen the excitement and awe we felt at visiting your homeland. Both Rich and Wes were so generous with their time and knowledge. It meant a lot to us that they shared so much of their personal history in the valley..... something that we will never forget. Good luck in your tour business and we are looking forward to the time when we can come back and take a camping trip with you. Take care and be safe.

Jeanine Gordon, Walnut Creek, USA


I visited the Monument valley with my friend on February 6th,2000. We joined your jeep tour and had a good time. The guide who guided us around there was Richard. Richard was so kind to explain the history of Monument valley and Navajo. Thanks a lot!! Sincerely,

Koichi and Masa from Japan.

Hello, Simpson's Trailhandler Tours,
I want to thank my guide Richard for the awesome HIKE to the top of the butte. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I look forward to visiting you again. Thanks again,

John Selverian, Stoneham MA, USA

Hi, Simpson's Tours!
I've just got to say I spent five days recently in the Southern Utah and Northern Arizona area and the few hours I spent on a tour with your company (on 3/8/00) were the highlight of my trip. I took home a lot more than I expected from the short time I was there. Not only were the images of the valley breathtaking, but I learned more about the Dineh culture and the history of the valley than I could have imagined. I had a great time with my tour guide as he took me through every bit of the valley. Not only will I recommend your tour to friends but will be back. Thank you.

Peter McDonough - Watertown, MA



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